Name: Kim Woo-bin (김우빈)
Birth Name: Kim Hyun-joong (김현중)
Birth Date: July 16 1989
Age: 24
Height: 188cm/6'2"
Agency: SidusHQ
Debut - Model: 2008
Debut - Actor: 2011
SNS: Me2Day, Weibo, SidusHQ Profile


"Friend 2" as Choi Sung-hoon
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Status: Post-Production
Release Date: TBA

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"The Heirs" as Choi Young-do
Broadcast Period: Oct. 2013 - Dec. 2013

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【PHOTO】 DuSol Beauty Official Twitter Update (130831)

@dusolbeauty: 팬서비스의 끝판왕 김우빈님의 팬사인회 현장! 친절하게도 일일히 긴 대화와 손깍지로 두쏠뷰티 길동점을 훈훈함으로 채우고있네요!

Note: From Woobin’s fansign today at a DuSol Beauty Store in Gil, Gangdong District, Seoul ^^

【PHOTO】 DuSol Beauty Official Twitter Update (130831)

@dusolbeauty: 팬서비스의 끝판왕 김우빈님의 팬사인회 현장! 친절하게도 일일히 긴 대화와 손깍지로 두쏠뷰티 길동점을 훈훈함으로 채우고있네요!

Note: From Woobin’s fansign today at a DuSol Beauty Store in Gil, Gangdong District, Seoul ^^

【PHOTOS】 Photos at a drama location of 신사의 품격 [Pt.2]

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【PHOTOS】 Photos at a drama location of 신사의 품격 [Pt.1]

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【PHOTOS】 The Childhood of KIM WOO BIN

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[Article] Lee Jong Suk says he gets over his fear of crowds by being with Kim Woo Bin



Though Lee Jong Suk is one of the hottest rising actors today, he’s apparently scared of attention.

On the 28th, he and Kim Woo Bin were interviewed by ‘One Night of TV Entertainment’ while they were doing a CF filming. A lot of the fans were at the stadium set and cheered when they saw the two actors appear.

The reporter commented, “You must be happy because your fans are so happy to see you.” However, Lee Jong Suk said, “To be honest, I’m scared when all the focus is on me. When people look at me and scream, I get scared.”

The answer surprised the reporter who asked him, “How are you dealing with that fear?” Lee Jong Suk smiled and said, “I just watched my friend Kim Woo bin next to me, and I dealt with it.”

Source: Allkpop

【PHOTOS】 Kim Woo Bin: First Fanmeeting in 2012 [Pt.3]

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【PHOTOS】 Kim Woo Bin: First Fanmeeting in 2012 [Pt.1]

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Kim Woobin and Lee Jongsuk 130828 One Night’s TV Entertainment Interview Translation


Translator: deenakahara
Note: As usual, all narration part are omitted. Please let me know if I mistranslated anything.

Q: What makes you came with wearing a jersey like this?

Woobin: Today is the filming for an alcoholic beverage ad.

Q: What is your concept (in cheering) if you become a cheering team captain?

Woobin: I’ve never even tried to imagine it, but a cheering team captain have to be full of spirit, so (my concept is) full of spirit!

Q: I heard that there’s a very beautiful partner for you?

Woobin: Really?! I didn’t hear anything about it.

Interviewer: I heard that person’s face is very bright, and that person is a very special person.

Woobin: My partner?

The partner is Kim Woobin’s most suitable partner, milky white skin Lee Jongsuk!

Q: Jongsuk-sshi, what is your role today?

Jongsuk: I’m the captain of cheering team, Woobin is the vice captain.

Interviewer:(She said something that I can’t really comprehend.)

Woobin: I always have to sacrifice myself (for Jongsuk).

Interviewer: (Towards Jongsuk) You greedy person!

Jongsuk: Again, again, that again! You always make me the bad person. (Laugh)

Woobin: Because I’ve been whirled along with Jongsuk. (Laugh)

Q: If you’re doing a cheering today, you must scream, sing, and dance then?

Woobin: Jongsuk’s dance is very shocking.

Interviewer: Shocking??

Woobin: (Asking the production team) Can’t we see the footage?

Interviewer: What footage?

Jongsuk: (Punch Woobin on the stomach)

Interviewer: Wait, wait!

(A video of Jongsuk dancing to Trouble Maker is shown)

Jongsuk: (Commenting his own dancing) It’s horrible!

(There are many people cheering from the stadium seats)

Jongsuk: There are so many people, I actually have a phobia of attention.

Interviewer: What do you have?

Jongsuk: Phobia of attention.

Woobin: That’s why his philtrum is full of sweats now.

Interviewer: How do you overcome it then?

Jongsuk: I’ll just look only at Woobin.

Woobin: DON’T!! (Laugh)

Jongsuk: (Laugh)

Q: What comes to your mind when you heard the word baseball stadium?

Woobin: Beer.

Jongsuk: Of course it’s chicken.

Interviewer: Please bring it in!

Woobin: What?

(The production team gave Jongsuk and Woobin beer and chicken)

Interviewer: How was it (the beer and chicken)?

Jongsuk: It’s bitter!

Interviewer: (Towards Woobin) Does Jongsuk have a baby’s palate?

Woobin: Yes, he does. His appetite is really child-like.

Q: How long has it been since you two last met?

Jongsuk: I don’t think it’s even been a month.

Woobin: Yeah, I think it’s around a month ago.

Interviewer: Oh, it’s been quite a long time ago. So how about doing this, exchange stare with each other? Let’s see if you can tell what the other person is feeling right now. 1, 2, 3!

Woobin and Jongsuk: (Exchanging stares)

Interviewer: (Towards Jongsuk) How is Woobin feeling right now?

Jongsuk: He’s tired.

Woobin: Bingo.

Q: (Towards Jongsuk) Seems like your income is very good these days?

Jongsuk: Ah, not really.

Woobin: Whoa, it’s no joke, really.

Jongsuk: One shot, one shot. When I did a good project then it all came in one shot.

Q: What kind of ads that you two have filmed for?

Woobin: Clothing.

Jongsuk: I did clothing too.

Woobin: Dairy product.

Jongsuk: Lemon soda.

Woobin: Hair product.

Jongsuk: News agency.

Woobin: Snack.

Jongsuk: I did snack too.

Woobin: Alcoholic beverage.

Jongsuk: We did alcoholic beverage ad together.

Q: What is the advantage of filming ad with a friend?

Jongsuk: Well, first of all, I feel at ease when I did the shoot. And in my case, I tend to make a slip of tongue a lot, so Woobin has become a reliable friend for me. (If my partner is) someone I don’t know about, it’ll be most likely that I’ll feel uncomfortable.

Woobin: It’s because we’ve known about each other. Jongsuk is actually a gentle person. He have a lot of aegyo, he was born with it.

Q: You two are famous for using a lot of skinship.

Woobin: Jongsuk is a lot worse than me. It’s easily gave off a misleading impression towards the other person.

Q: Not long ago.. (Towards Woobin) Did you see it? Lee Jongsuk’s photo shoot where he revealed his abs.

Woobin: Yes, I saw it.

Interviewer: What do you think?

Woobin: Jongsuk has changed a lot.

Interviewer: (Towards Jongsuk) Is it still there (your abs)?

Jongsuk: No. Well it’s there, but it’s not there.

Woobin: (Feeling Jongsuk’s stomach) It’s not there right now because he’s been eating too much..

Jongsuk: Woobin’s body is great too.

Interviewer: So he got abs then?

Woobin: Abs? No, no. I don’t have it.

Jongsuk: Let’s reveal it.

Woobin: No, no. (Protect his own stomach)

Interviewer: Wait, wait.

Woobin: (Calling his manager) Hyung!

Q: Which part of your body that you pay attention to the most?

Woobin: For me.. it’s my shoulder.

Jongsuk: I don’t think I have one though. (Laugh)

Woobin: (Laugh)

Q: I saw you as MC, on M!Countdown.

Woobin: (Getting all shy) Ah yes, aigoo.

Jongsuk and interviewer: (Clapping)

Interviewer: How was it?

Jongsuk: (As someone who did it first) it felt like dying, of course.

Woobin: I had to do it alone, and it’s a live broadcast, I felt like my heart going to explode.

Interviewer: You are more experienced in this, right Jongsuk-sshi? Do you have any tips about how to do it?

Jongsuk: Ah, I think if I’m the one who’s giving advice, Woobin will be doomed.

Interviewer: It’s okay, you’re his senior in this!

Jongsuk: I think if you could be more sociable towards the singers, you could do it more comfortably.. (Unsure about his own advice)

Woobin: Okaaayyy. Thanks. (Laugh)

Closing comments.

Woobin: Please always be healthy, and be happy.

Jongsuk: Both of us will meet you all through a great project soon.

Woobin and Jongsuk: Thank you.

Take out with credit, will you?


Lee Jong Suk&Kim Woo Bin @ 130828 Midnight TV Entertainment - CASS CF Shooting!!